The world had turned Topsy Turvy. Covid-19 had spread globally. Level 5 Lockdown in South Africa was probably the strangest time of my life. It was illegal to leave my own home except for essentials. So, what did I do? I took to Nature.

I am fortunate enough to live in the most beautiful place on earth. The mountains that surround Hartbeespoort Dam became a haven for me.When things became too much to handle at home, I would simply escape to the mountain.
Where no one could find me.
Where no one could see me.
Where no one could hear me.
Or so I thought….

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I love to sing. I have rarely, if ever gone a day without singing. It’s been my most loyal companion. My voice is my greatest treasure, and my best friend. I have known for a long time that I have been gifted with an incredible voice. However, I am humbled by this gift, because who am I to deserve it? I’m a nobody, a waste of space.

But in those mountains, surrounded by nothing but nature, I started to realise something. I realised that I am worthy! I realised that I am deserving! And most importantly, I realised that I AM destined for greatness. And so I sang my way out of the darkness. I sang to the glorious view from the top of the mountain. And I sang to the trees surrounding me. I am not ashamed to tell you that I sang to the trees.

I discovered that the more I sang, the better I felt. So, I kept singing to those trees. Day after day and slowly, I came back to myself. I was also, completely oblivious to the fact that I was not unheard. And I was not unseen. One day, someone decided to find this girl who was singing in the mountains and summoned a pair of Binoculars. What he saw that day still makes me laugh, because I can only just imagine how ridiculous I probably looked. I looked like a bird, albeit a big one, sitting in a tree, singing my heart out. And thereby “the Tree Singer” was born.

Writing this album healed me, and it shaped me as the person I am today. My intention for this album is to help heal the broken hearted. The trapped and the stymied. The lovers and the haters. The whole world if I can manage it. Every single one of us is a Soul, bound temporarily in a mortal shell – but make no mistake. Each and every one of us has a purpose.

My hope is that when these beautiful souls sing along with the lyrics. I’ve written, describing my own healing journey that they too begin to heal their own hurt. And to become the people that they were meant to be.

Your dreams are never arbitrary. Your gifts are yours for a reason. Use them.


Talented singer-songwriter, Kerry B, has just released a new single and music video that is sure to make waves in the music industry.

Titled DID IT MEAN NOTHING?, the song speaks of pain and frustration but also of hope, as it encourages listeners to move on to bigger and better things and not to allow the little things in life to get them down. The song was inspired by the artist’s own experience of being taken advantage of when trying to help someone.

“I realised that sometimes a person doesn’t want to be helped and you have to let them go to protect yourself and your mental peace,” she explains.

Written by the musician herself, this upbeat pop song is sure to get listeners moving, as it has a relatable and uplifting message and a catchy tune.

“I wrote this track during a particularly difficult time in my life,” says the singer. “It helped me think differently about things and to just keep going no matter what. I believe that listeners will like the song because it’s relatable and makes you want to dance.”

So far, Kerry B has released a 10-track-album, The Tree Singer, which documented her journey of self-discovery in ten inspiring tracks, including I’m never going back, In the wars, and Unconditional love.

Although it was well received, she feels that she is only now starting to find her true sound and is very excited about the direction in which her music is heading.

A music video of this inspiring track was directed by Gerduan Kemp Photo & Film’s Gerduan Kemp and was filmed in a single room in her home.

The video depicts the progression of life, with the artist starting off dressed in white and going through different stages of emotion, eventually transforming into a warrior and representing strength, resilience and determination.

“This video was so much fun to film,” says Kerry B. “It was a long day, but it was the most rewarding work I have ever done. I believe the genuine joy we all experienced on the day will reflect on screen.”

Watch the video here

Born in Krugersdorp, Kerry’s family first moved to Kwazulu-Natal, then to Gauteng when she was nine years old. Music has been the only constant in her life. However, due to being a sensitive child, she was discouraged from pursuing it. This led to her only taking music lessons – piano, vocals and theory – later in life.

She underwent formal musical training with Trevor M Smith, completing her BMus Hons in 2018 and also trained vocally with Kgololo Mogotsi, achieving Grade 7 Vocals with Merit in 2019. Finally, she completed a song writing course with Jolanda Becker in 2021.

Professionally she was discovered by chance – someone heard her singing in the trees and managed to persuade her to share her talent with the world. Kerry launched her own part-time music tutoring business, which she had to put on hold in 2017 when her husband was transferred to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Upon returning to South Africa a year later, she was able to pursue a full-time career as music teacher.

For the artist, the highlight of her career to date – besides releasing her debut album and latest single – is following her passion and being recognised for what she can do. Describing her style as genuinely unique, Kerry says she finds inspiration in the things that bring her joy. She admits that being able to write is also a healing practice – one that has saved her many times.

A little-known fact about Kerry is that she has synaesthesia, a neurological condition that causes people to experience things through their senses in an unusual way, for example experiencing colours as sound or a number as a position in space. In Kerry’s case, she can see music. In 2023, the singer has plans to travel, with a wedding in Fiji in July and possible trips to the USA, Mauritius, and the UK. The artist also has two more singles scheduled for release later this year.

DID IT MEAN NOTHING? is an uplifting and empowering song that will remain with you long after hearing it for the first time. It is now available now on all major streaming platforms.



Singer-songwriter, Kerry B, best-known for her soulful music, is set to take the local music industry by storm with the release of her latest single, JEALOUS.

Showcasing her exceptional song writing skills and powerful vocals, the artist invites listeners on a journey of self-reflection and empowerment.
JEALOUS is an upbeat dance/pop anthem that explores the nuanced emotions of jealousy and its transformative potential.

“As an empath I can feel people’s emotions freakishly well. The problem is that jealousy and hatred feel exactly the same to me,” Kerry explains. “This song is all about my own realization that jealousy is not necessarily a bad emotion. It’s just an indicator that you want something that you are not yet courageous enough to go for. Once I realized that, it was a game changer.”

She further adds that this song is a bit more personal than her previous offering as the lyrics required a lot more thought and consideration.

“We had just come home from a really awful weekend away, and I was defeated. I wrote this song in order to sort through my feelings and to gain clarity. I rewrote the lyrics multiple times, delving deep into my own experiences and reflecting on difficult questions. Every word carries an emotion that I had to go through. It was a challenging but incredibly worthwhile process.”

A music video of this empowering song will be available in September.
Following the success of her previous single, Did it mean nothing?, which surpassed her expectations and served as a strong kick-off point for the singer’s career, she is eager to continue her musical journey on an upward trajectory.

Beyond her music endeavours, this talented woman is actively engaged in various projects. She is currently spearheading a recycling initiative and leading a clean-up project at TAG, her husband’s company. Additionally, she is overseeing reconstruction, repairs, and refurbishment at home while diligently planning and creating content and trying to land monthly gigs.

Looking ahead, she has an exciting lineup for the rest of the year, which includes as many shows as possible and a special getaway for her birthday and anniversary in October. In her quest for artistic growth, she aims to enhance her piano and ukulele skills while actively increasing her following on social media platforms.
Amid personal challenges and recent family drama, she remains resilient and optimistic and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our shared humanity, stating: “We all have ups and downs, we make mistakes, and we all experience jealousy. But let’s call it what it is: fear.”

Born in Krugersdorp, Kerry B’s deep connection to music has been a constant throughout her life. Despite initial discouragement, she pursued formal musical training, learning piano, vocals, and music theory.

Her talent was discovered serendipitously, leading her to launch her part-time music tutoring business. However, her true calling beckoned, and she put her teaching career on hold when her husband’s transfer took them to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Upon returning to South Africa, Kerry B seized the opportunity to pursue a full-time career as a music teacher, fuelling her passion for music and inspiring others with her exceptional abilities.

As she continues to evolve as an artist, she finds inspiration in the things that bring her joy. Writing, in particular, serves as a healing practice that has saved her on countless occasions.

With JEALOUS poised to make waves in the music industry, Kerry B’s talent, resilience, and determination are propelling her towards a bright and promising future. Listeners will be captivated by the infectious and catchy nature of the single, which combines uplifting and empowering lyrics with an irresistible dance/pop sound to create a song that encourages individuals to pursue their dreams despite the naysayers.

She concludes: “Everyone I know has had some kind of bully in their lives. There is always someone that doesn’t want to see you succeed. This song is intended to uplift and encourage myself and others to defy the negativity and strive for greatness.”